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The effectiveness of the axe in battle was undeniable, and it rapidly grew to become a weapon of option for the Norse warriors.

Archaeological evidence confirms that Vikings made use of many types of axes out and in of battle. But why did the Vikings like axes? How come persons however associate Viking warriors with axes a lot more frequently than swords?

We will even analyze their historical context and importance within Viking society, along with their role in warfare and Culture.

It’s interesting to discover how the Vikings adapted their weapons to suit their requirements, in the double-edged axes utilized for hand-to-hand battle to The only-edged axes useful for throwing.

Despite the ubiquity and legendary standing of battle-axes, remarkably There was little modern-day work on them. Nevertheless, Jan Petersen laid the inspiration for investigating Viking weapons in 1919 in his book over the Norwegian Viking sword.

Historic information in regards to the Vikings are sometimes challenging to determine. The Viking Age was in between the 8th and eleventh generations, and there aren’t quite a few prepared sources from that period. Scholars depend on archaeological evidence to ascertain Significantly of what the globe knows in regards to the Vikings.

5 metres (five toes). It is likely that the duration from the haft reflected the dimensions from the head – in general, the much larger the head, the lengthier and stouter the haft. Shorter axes could also be utilized as concealed weapons, below a cloak or driving a protect, and also as being a secondary weapon following a sword.

Viking weapon design features for heraldic emblem. Warrior head inside a viking helmet. Vector illustration in stamp fashion.

Viking head in helmet with horns on protect and crossed axes - stylized pocket knife vector emblem Stylized viking head silhouette in helmet with horns on defend and crossed axes guiding it - vector badge in outline model viking axe inventory illustrations

If a Viking warrior were privileged, you would occasionally notice that their arms might be Dane axes, total with stiffened metal affixed hunting knife towards the blade. This could provide the Viking axe a harsher edge.

You’ll learn how the sharp tool with a long handle performed an important part while in the every day things to do and protection of The traditional Scandinavian communities. Axes have been not simply weapons for battle but in addition flexible applications for daily life.

The issue is, wherever do you go from there? What When the axe was thrown someplace within the battlefield hunting knife which makes it a tad hard to retrieve? Regardless of whether not, how vulnerable would a Viking be although going to retrieve an axe?

You’re going to enjoy how functional these terrible boys are – they are able to accomplish that far more than simply chop wood.

The blade alone was reasonably light-weight and cast really skinny, rendering it exceptional for chopping. The thickness of your body on prime the edge is as skinny as 2 mm (0.079 in). Quite a few of these axes had been created with a bolstered bit, typically of a better carbon metal to facilitate a more challenging, sharper edge.

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